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Public Speaking: “How to be a confident speaker?”
– “Discover the secret to speak in public with confidence”
– “The Complete Guide to Public Speaking”

Course Description:

– This course is dedicated to all people, entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, trainers, students, etc … you will learn how to be a confident speaker and lose the fear of public speaking.

In this course you will learn:
– How to conquer the fear of taking the stage;
– How to speak with confidence;
– How to face an audience;
– How to structure your speech;
– How to start and end a speech;
– How to get people’s attention.


1. What do all great speakers have in common?
2. How to create a successful speech?
3. How to hold your audience?
“5 essential tools of a good speaker”
4. How to overcome the fear of speaking in public?
5. How to practice your speech?
6. How to start your speech?
7. How to end your speech?

Extra / Bonus Content:

1. Tips on how to overcome the fear of speaking in public
2. Techniques to overcome fear of public speaking
3. The technique of conversation as a way to overcome fear
4. How to win the audience?
5. How to take advantage of feedback?
6. Practice makes perfection
7. Practical tips to avoid the nervousness of speaking in public
8. Conclusion

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