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“How to Be a Leader?”

Course Description:

– This course is dedicated to all the people who need to improve their communication and who want to build high performance teams. You will learn the fundamental stages of managing people and how to recruit and create new talent.

In this course you will learn:
– The exact formula for becoming a Leader;
– Several tips that a Leader should do;
– What characteristics and mindset a Leader should have;
– What a Leader should NOT do.


1. The Art of Persuasion
You will learn the techniques and strategies of persuasion through how the brain reacts and makes decisions. The power to convince and persuade someone makes all the difference in our professional and personal lives.

In this chapter you will learn:
– That persuasion is not manipulation;
– How, where and who you can persuade;
– How to influence people in a positive way;
– Easily get the desired “YES”.

2. How to Interact with People
You will learn which eye contact is very important for interacting with other people. You will understand how to open your body language and how to tell interesting stories.

In this chapter you will learn:
– How to react to what people say;
– Identify people’s reactions;
– How to be curious again;
– To cause emotional impact.

3. Have the Right Attitude
You will learn that having the right attitude is even more important than being smart! You will understand that having the right attitude will help you overcome any situation and achieve success faster!

In this chapter you will learn:
– Not to complain all the time;
– To achieve everything you always dreamed of;
– When should you be flexible;
– To inspire others to chase after their dreams.

4. How to be a Confident Speaker
Can you remember the first time you spoke in public? You probably had your hands and legs shaking. You will learn simple steps to become a trusted speaker!

In this chapter you will learn:
“How do you prepare before you take the stage?
– How to practice to speak in public;
– How to express your ideas effectively;
– How to interact with your audience.


Bruno Vieira

“O que me alimenta de energia é o desafio, o que me dá motivação é o impossível e o que me mantém na rota é ser o que construo para ser, uma alma inabalável.”

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